About Me

Kella Campbell is my pen name. “Kella” is also a childhood nickname and I will answer to it in real life โ€” I consider it one of my names. My Kella-self is my writing self, and I keep this side of me separate from the rest of my public/social identity because I want the freedom to explore ideas and genres and themes as they come to me, without having the balance of my professional life judged over it. The only thing you really need to know about me is that I’m open-minded about most things that don’t cause harm or put one subset of human beings above or below others.

Pretty well everything I write has romantic/emotional/relationship elements, because that’s what interests me. Sometimes that comes out as speculative fiction. Other times, not so much. I’m drawn more toward exploring the edgy side of things rather than the sweet side.

Vancouver, Canada.

Nocturnally, in general, and whenever I can, squeezed in between parenting and my professional life. I’m currently in my early 40s, crunched with the full-time needs of school-age children and the pressures of working from home. And you know, my partner needs some time and attention too.