Blog Migration At Last

After putting it off for, oh, at least three years, I finally bit the bullet and migrated my blog to my own domain and hosting.

You might wonder why, since WordPress is great as a blog host, and they offer premium domains and all that. After all, I put off doing this for what feels like forever… But as I’ve learned more about web hosting and connecting with people through my website, I’ve realized that I want the one thing I can’t have with my blog hosted by WordPress — plugins!

Right now, I’m just trying to make sure everything looks roughly the same as it did, at least till I get comfortable with my new setup. I also want to make sure I have all my security and anti-spam armor in place. Then… we’ll see. I have so many more choices now. A new look for my site is probably in order but I need some time to figure out what I want.

A website is one of the most important connection points an author has, and it’s time for me to start doing more with it, especially as I’m tired of being scared and holding back — I’m committing myself to moving forward, going indie, and publishing Rock Star’s Heart in 2018. I’ve got a year to get this right.

2 thoughts on “Blog Migration At Last

  1. Katie Cross says:

    Woo hoo!!

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