Rock Icon Ready

Employer. Best friend. Who in her right mind would rock that boat, even if he were interested? Even though he’s perfect…


book cover: Rock Icon Ready

Rock Icon Ready
by Kella Campbell
contemporary romance / rock star romance

Drum tech Kimmy Baker has been on the road with Smidge for six years, and she never wants to leave the band or concert tour life, but it seems incompatible with finding love. In any case, no one could compare to Dice, her drummer and best friend. She’s always been careful not to jeopardize their friendship or her job by crossing any lines, even though he’s hot and sweet and shares her sense of humor and all her deepest secrets… except for one.

When she accidentally reveals that she wants to have a baby, he offers his DNA in trade for help with a secret of his own. It’s an irresistible proposition, especially when she suspects he might have a hidden dominant side. But as deeper feelings come into play, they’ll have to decide if they’re friends or lovers. Will her intention to keep her promise of no strings conflict with his traditional impulses? Is she meant to have forever with her rock icon?

published by Tied Star Books • March 24, 2023

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