[work in progress — Crys meets a rock star]

Excerpt on Tumblr: [work in progress — Crys meets a rock star]

I recently started playing with Tumblr, mostly to follow a few people whose posts I find interesting, and I discovered something: not only is it the perfect way to post work-in-progress clips, but also… there’s something about posting an excerpt out there in public that focuses the mind to good effect.

Moments after posting my first snippet (a favourite bit that I’d slaved over for ages), I spotted two egregious adverbs — you know I’m a defender of adverbs when appropriate, I don’t advocate killing them all, but these two were bad — “realized” twice in two lines, and one pointless tell that could easily be inferred without being said. (No, you won’t see them, because I fixed them right away.)

So I think I’ll keep doing this with both favourite bits and troublesome bits. It somehow helps me see them differently.