Weekend Sale! Rock Star’s Heart is 99¢ until Monday

A treat for you: Rock Star's Heart 99¢ sale July 27 to 30

I’ve never done this before, but I’m giving it a try — putting Rock Star’s Heart on sale at 99¢ for the weekend (July 27 to 30).

No, I don’t think that books should be valued at less than a dollar (for comparison, the average price of a cup of coffee is $2.70*), but for a short sale, we can do this thing. Consider it my treat to readers who haven’t yet picked up Rock Star’s Heart, and a practice run for me to see how a sale works out.

If you haven’t read it yet, grab your copy now:

♥ Amazon — http://bit.ly/rshAmazon

♥ iBooks — http://bit.ly/rshApple

♥ B&N — http://bit.ly/rshBandN

♥ Kobo — http://bit.ly/rshKobo

♥ Google Play — http://bit.ly/rshGooglePlay

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