Content Notes

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE SPOILERS ON THIS PAGE. It is unfortunately not possible to fully discuss content notes or warnings for things that some readers might find triggering without also disclosing some plot points.

Page numbers given are for the print edition, and an approximate percent and Kindle location are given for the ebook.

Smidge Series


I firmly believe that bodily autonomy is a human right and medical care should remain between doctor and patient only — which includes supporting the legality and availability of all forms of contraception, Plan B, and abortion. As a writer, I recognize that some of my characters would be less likely to choose abortion; Crys (because of her upbringing) and Blade (because of his dysfunctional family) are less comfortable with it than the rest of the band and crew, and this is occasionally reflected in their thoughts and decisions.


Many of the characters in the Smidge series consume alcohol recreationally. Occasionally, alcohol is misused or used unwisely. While it’s not practical to try to list every time a character consumes an alcoholic beverage, I’m noting specific scenes where alcohol is used in a less healthy way or where a character feels pressured to drink.


Johnny (also known as drag queen Ripped Creme) is a recurring character throughout the series; he’s bisexual and polyamorous, and is devoted to his long-term boyfriend and then husband Tab. However, some characters don’t always react to him as kindly as they should.


As one might expect in books about a rock band on tour, drug use and addiction are present in the plot. I have tried not to glorify or rose-tint the harm that addiction can do. It’s not feasible to list every mention of drugs and addiction, but I’m noting scenes where drugs or withdrawal are a focus and where more disturbing description may be used.

Kink / BDSM

While kink isn’t a focus of the Smidge series, a few of the characters enjoy non-vanilla bedroom activities.

Pregnancy & Babies

Positive pregnancy tests and resulting babies are not the main focus of, well, most of the couples in the Smidge world. But they do happen.


While my books are not faith-based and have no religious message, some of the characters come from backgrounds that include religion. In particular, Crys comes from a traditional and strait-laced Christian family, and Dice is the son of an Episcopal priest; some of their language reflects this, including swearing that invokes a deity or religious symbol.


This series is a medium-heat romance with open door bedroom scenes. It is intended for adult readers who are comfortable reading about consenting individuals having sex. Although my focus is on the emotional responses of the characters, there is some description of physical acts, body parts, fluids, and so on.


This series is about rock musicians, and they use the sort of language you might expect. There are very few swear words I am not willing to have my characters use, but I try to make them fit the character. F-bombs are pretty common throughout the books, as are the other common swear words you might be aware of. If you prefer characters with “clean” language, these books might not be for you.


Given that the idea of virginity is a social construct that can have different parameters depending on the partners involved, I define it as being whatever the individual considers it to be. For some, that would be a very traditional definition of never having successfully completed tab-B-in-slot-A penetration, while others may have different views about what intimate acts and experiences would cross that line. Whether a character self-identifies as a virgin based on a singular uncompleted act or general sexual inexperience, that in no way implies disregard for other experiences or definitions of virginity.