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Fall in love with Smidge, a gloriously successful rock band on the edge of maturity.

After a decade of wild parties and adventures, it’s time for the men of Smidge to face the future and decide what it will hold.

Rock Star's Heart


Crys is a college student with a huge celebrity crush on the guitarist of her favorite rock band. She has no idea that Blade is struggling with addiction, anger issues, creative frustration and unhappiness — until she accidentally auditions for a job posing as his girlfriend to babysit him and keep him off substances and out of trouble. Worse, the job wasn’t his idea and he doesn’t want a girlfriend, fake or otherwise.

Rock God in Exile


Nell is a martial artist stuck in a dead-end day job, which she can’t leave because rent and martial arts training are expensive. After an altercation with a cocky pool player in a pub — who she doesn’t recognize as a famous bassist because rock music isn’t her scene — she finds him at her workplace and her boss assigns them to work together. Easy has been kicked out of his band and hit rock bottom, but maybe she can lead him to redemption.

Rock Icon Ready


Kimmy is a drum tech who loves her job with a mega-famous rock band, but being on the road all the time has squashed her dating opportunities and she’s starting to feel she’s going to miss her chance at having a family. Dice, her drummer and best friend, would be perfect for her… if he weren’t her employer and if she dared risk their friendship. Then a tropical getaway makes the chemistry between them impossible to ignore…

Rock Legend Always


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