Rock God in Exile

“Tall enough. Toned arms with just the right amount of ink. Blond wavy hair. Oh, hell no.”


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Book cover: Rock God in Exile

Rock God in Exile
by Kella Campbell
contemporary romance / rock star romance (bassist) / sports romance (martial arts)

Is it overreacting to knock someone down for groping you? Nell Whelan is a black belt whose self-protective instincts kick in hard when she’s uncomfortable. Then she arrives at her hated day job to find the handsome jerk from the pub kicking the photocopier, and finds out that he looks familiar because he’s actually the bass player for a famous rock band… but when she asks him what he’s doing working for her boss, he avoids answering.

Eamonn Yarrow — known to the rock world as “Easy” — hasn’t always been a good person and he’s reaping the consequences, but maybe Nell is just what he needs to turn his life around. Is there someone worth knowing behind his arrogant stage persona? Will she lower her guard for a disgraced rock god?

published by Tied Star Books • June 26, 2020

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“I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Eamonn “Easy” Yarrow, but this troubled soul completely won me over! This bad boy bass player is full of arrogance and oozes sex appeal, but there is also a hidden depth and vulnerability about him that I found endearing.”
Anna’s Bookshelf (click to read Anna’s full review)

“Easy is a delight, what one might picture a rock star being like, until his soft underbelly is exposed and his remorse for a horrible mistake leaves him so very human.”
Tome Tender Book Blog (click to read Dianne’s full review)


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