Rock God in Exile

Want more Smidge in your life? Rock God in Exile, Nell and Eamonn's story, is coming in 2019

The story of Smidge continues in Rock God in Exile — the story of Eamonn “Easy” Yarrow and what happened to him after the events of Rock Star’s Heart.

Is it overreacting to knock someone down for groping you? Nell Whelan is a black belt whose self-protective instincts kick in hard when she’s uncomfortable. Then she arrives at her hated day job to find the handsome jerk from the pub kicking the photocopier, and finds out that he looks familiar because he’s actually the bass player for a famous rock band… but when she asks him what he’s doing working for her boss, he avoids answering. Eamonn Yarrow — known to the rock world as “Easy” — hasn’t always been a good person and he’s reaping the consequences, but maybe Nell is just what he needs to turn his life around.

coming soon

Listen to Kella reading the opening scene…

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