Those of you who have been following A Husband for Deva on Wattpad will be familiar with my character Brialach Keireidhe. He comes from a land of winter rains, where it gets cold and misty and frosty but doesn’t snow often (much like where I live).

In part 10, he says:
“Not foolish. We have stories about the Noctarodhe – the Night Man – that are much the same. I have outgrown the stories, but I cannot say entirely that I disbelieve in him. In daylight I will say it. Alone at night? It is hard to be so sure.”

So when I recently needed to write a December-themed story for Every Day Fiction, I started thinking about the Night Man and what tales about him Brialach might have grown up with.


I wrote it as Brialach, telling a story of the Night Man and how the first snow came to Isléida. It’s a story for Midwinter, for the Longest Night.

Read “The Night Man and the First Snow” at Every Day Fiction.

(Photo by Ville Turkkinen on Pixabay, edited to add falling snow / snowflake background by Jill Wellington on Pixabay)