Nell sat alone at the bar, reading a book and sipping a Frosty Peach. They were a little too easy to drink, as cocktails went, but the frozen slushy mixture with the peach candy on top felt like a treat, in a way that a nice glass of wine or a standard gin and tonic never quite did.

Rock God in Exile, chapter 1

1 can of frozen piña colada mix (8oz / 250 ml)
1 cup lemonade
2+ cups frozen peach slices
2+ cups ice cubes
however much gin you think it needs (optional)
peach candies for garnish

Put the piña colada mix in your blender with the first cup of peach slices and the first cup of ice cubes. Blend. Add the lemonade slowly so you don’t get a curdling situation, blending as you go and adding more peach slices and ice cubes. Add the gin, if using. Blend, and check consistency. Add more peach slices and/or ice until it’s the right thickness of slush for your taste. Top with a peach candy.

Pretend you’re at the Frog and Ball, and enjoy. ♥